Loan Policy

Answer to Frequently Asked Questions

Need a short term loan to get you thru to payday?

Jack’s has a solution for you. The process is fast, confidential and easy. You must be 18 years of age or older and you must have two valid pieces of identification, one of them being picture. You bring us your items of value. We agree on a price. You provide us with your ID. We write up a contract. You sign it. Then we hand you the cash that you need right away. We offer some of the lowest Fees in Langley. We are also cheaper than payday loans. We’ve been offering short term loans since 1988, confidentially is guaranteed. Here are some of our more frequently asked questions. If your question is still unanswered, do not hesitate to give us a call and our friendly staff will do our best to answer your question.

What is considered Valid ID?

We require 2 pieces of ID; 1 primary which is picture, and 1 secondary. Valid picture IDs are Drivers License, BCID, Status Card, and/or Passport. Secondary ID can be your SIN card, Care Card or any primary ID listed previously.

How does a pawnshop work?

We provide a solution for small short term loans. We lend cash against items of value. Loans can range from $5 up to a couple of thousand dollars. A price is agreed upon and a contract is made up, we both get a copy of the contract. You use your copy of the contract also known as a pawn ticket to retrieve your items. Our loans are good for 2 months, and you can come and pick up your items at any time during the 2 month period after paying the loan in full plus the fees that have occurred. After the 2 months if the loan has not been paid or if the fees (interest & Storage) have not been paid, the pawned items are then put out for sale.

What kind of items do you take for loan?

We take a large assortment of items, too many to list. We take gold, jewellery, electronics, tools, musical instruments and more. The kind of items we take changes constantly. For example, electronics change so fast that the computer you bought for $3000 5 years ago may not hold any value with us, unfortunately. You are best off calling ahead to check and see if we’re interested in what you have. We never know what will come thru the front door, so anything of value has to be considered.

What if I lose my pawn ticket?

If you lose your ticket call us and let us know as soon as possible. Your items are bound to that pawn ticket. Treat your pawn ticket like it’s the items that you pawned and don’t lose it. The convenience of having your items bound to the ticket allows your spouse/friend/family member to redeem your pawn if you’re not able to get in during our hours. There will be a $5 fee if you come and pick up your items without a ticket. You will also be required to show picture ID to pick up your item(s). No one will ever be able to pick up a pawn without the slip or without showing proper ID proving they are the ones who pawned the item.

Why would I go to a pawnshop?

It’s a great place to save money when purchasing goods. We have a large assortment of a wide variety items for sale at a fraction of the new cost. The other main reason to go to a pawnshop is banks don’t want to give out small short term loans. That is why we’re around. You won’t have much success going into a bank and asking them to lend you $100 to cover you for a few day, a week, or couple of months.

What do I do if my stuff was stolen?

Call the police, and report the theft immediately. People will suggest you check out the pawnshops for your stolen items. The reality is, less than 1% of all the items brought into a pawnshop are stolen. That is an incredibly small percentage. We do everything within our power to ensure the items we take are not stolen. Each pawner must provide 2 pieces of government issued ID, one being picture. Every item pawned must have its serial number clearly visible and not altered. This information is then sent to the police. We provide the RCMP with a detailed list of what we take and who we take it from. These regulations are put in place to help ensure that we do not deal with stolen goods. We don’t want to buy or sell stolen merchandise. You are more than welcome to call us and inform us that some items were stolen from you. You can also make an itemized list of what items were stolen, make a few copies and drop them off at all the local pawnshops. We’re more than willing to do what we can to help recover your stolen items.

Do most people lose their items at pawnshops?

Over 85% of the contracts that we write are picked up. Our business relies on people picking up their pawns. We know a lot of our customers as they are repeat customers. We prefer to have people pick up their items.

What happens if I don’t return to retrieve my item(s)?

If you have not returned for your item and it’s past the due date the item then becomes property of Jack’s. We put the item out for sale in an attempt to recover our money.

How can I know I am not purchasing stolen goods?

We do everything that we can to ensure that all the items we have for sale are not stolen. As previously stated, less than 1% of items brought into the pawn shop are stolen.

Will my pawned items be safe?

We have a storage facility for all our items. They are out of view of the public. Without going into details, we do everything we can to ensure your items are safe. We’ve been in business for 30 + years and you don’t stay in business that long if customer’s items get stolen, damaged, or go missing. Our track record is outstanding.

What happens if I am late to pick up my item?

We can’t guarantee your items will still be here if you’re late. Please call before the due date if you know you’re going to be late. We are very reasonable if you call ahead of time.