Echo Celeste no 455 A

This Hohner “Echo Celeste No. 455” Diatonic Tremolo 24-Hole Harmonica includes:
Double-sided (2 harmonicas in 1)
Stainless steel cover without side vents
Diatonic (see below)
Tremolo (see below)
24-Hole x 2
96 Reeds, brass
Available in multiple keys – please Contact Us for availability
Richter tuning
0.9 mm brass reed plates
Brass reed plate surface
Maple mouthpiece surface
Maple wood comb
Screw assembly for easy maintenance

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The most common type of harmonica is the diatonic or Richter harmonica. It is typically used in blues, rock, country, and folk, but can be found in all styles of music. The diatonic harmonica is a single voice instrument and usually has 10 channels, each with one blow and one draw note. Due to their diatonic tonal layout, the player generally needs several instruments in different keys.

Tremolo harmonicas have double holes, each containing two reeds tuned to the same note, one tuned slightly higher than the other. Both reeds are either blow or draw. When they are played the slight difference in tuning creates a beautiful, vibrating or tremolo effect.